Welcome to my blog. My name is Rick Baxley and this blog is a place where I work through the joy, pain, love, ambivalence and confusion in my journey as a gay man who has been passionately pursued by God. I never claim to have a special knowledge of the truth. These are just my thoughts, musings and creations. Most of the posts follow the path along the chasm between what I’ve always known about the heart of God, and what my religious tradition told me was true.

My road has been long; and has led me through valleys and across mountains…  literally as well as figuratively.  I’m an avid outdoorsman.  I experience God in a unique way when I am in His creation.  I routinely need to get away from the endless distractions ofeveryday life.  I love backpacking alone or with a group of friends.   I find peace in the woods.  I often go looking for answers, honestly I rarely find them, but I almost always come back with something just as good… Perspective.

I will post some pictures and maps of some of my favorite trails and camping sites.  In case you ever come to the Carolinas, you’ll have an idea of some good places to get away from it all.

I’m also an amateur photographer most my photography reflexts my love of nature.  I’ll post some galleries on the site with any shots i feel are worth the click to see it. Plants seem to have a central theme in a lot of my photos, especially newly sprouting or budding ones. I really just grab whatever comes to my eye.

My other passion in life is cooking. I love it! The kitchen is an empty canvas as foods and spices are the medium for creation. I rarely use a cookbook, and almost never write down a recipe. That will change tomorrow when I cook for my Mom and family on mothers day. I’ll start collecting and sharing my successes. I have plenty of failures I’ll keep to myself. I cook everything from southern soul food to authentic Indian and Asian cuisine. Cooking is quickly followed by my passion for eating!


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